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MENAR (Mars Explorer News And Resources) Is designed to provide raw mars explorer. We offer information on the game in it's rawest form, such as events, records, how-to's, etcetera. We also contain the latest news feeds, such as "The Idea Volcano".
MENAR's mission is to be a place where you can always get the info you need, where you can find interesting things to look at. is a true thread - the things you post will eventually get lost further, and further in pages. MENAR however is designed to offer the user an opportunity for his or her contributions to be added as a functional part in the design - meaning content is never lost, and is easily found! The rest of our homepage will get you up-to-date with the system.
Content doesn't fit?: VLS (Version Load System):
If you think that your submission is not really appropriate for the site, then most likely I have slipped up in explaining it. In such the event that you hold back on posting something due to the fact that it might not go with the site, pm it too me by clicking here, and I will reply telling you if it is ok to post it or not.
MENAR offers a growing variety of RSS feeds, You Can go to the RSS page, or just click here to get our main feed. Please try out the Roflcoptor feed - that is unless you are not into stunning, high resolution photos that capture, miraculously, the fun of mars...
Having trouble posting stuff?:
Unfortunately when you move over to a plexpedia site you get logged out unless you are already logged into plexpedia.
However your mars explorer account still works on this site and all other plexpedia website, so just log back in and you can begin commenting, and even submitting your own posts! But please do follow the posting rules, and alert me if they are too strict, I will loosen them up until they become too loose and it becomes a problem. 
The VLS is a simple system designed to bring you every version, and every form that version comes in.
To use the system, select what version you want, then what form you want.
If the selected form is not available for the selected version, then a popup will alert you when you click "Go!" If it is available, then when you click "Go!", you will be redirected to the selected form of the selected version.
Feel free to explore, just note that the forms "widget","Mac", and "Pc" are downloads.
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