TheIdeaVolcano:Should MarsExplorer Be On AConsole?
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/01/21
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This Weeks Discussion: Should Mars Explorer Be on a Console?


By The Dude


This is interesting, Mars explorer on an Xbox or Playstation3, it would be incredible for some reasons and bad for others, heres why. 


I think is would be good, because allot of bugs would hopefully not exist, like server not available or the dreaded “bot Block”. But those can be fixed on the online version as well, but on a game, we would never have to worry about those bugs again. 


I also think this would make the game run a whole lot smoother and better, I don’t know, It’s up to Aubrey where this all goes. 


Reasons this would be bad? I’ve got several. 


Reason one this would be bad, it would cost money. We all love to play this game, and the fact that it is free makes it accessible to everybody, but, will they cough up some 40 bucks to get the game on a console? I wouldn’t. 


Also, new versions would have to be new games, and I’m not gonna buy something that looks exactly alike some 10 times, It’s not worth it. 


Plus, There would have to some other mode beside laser tag, like adventure mode or something. 


This is possible now, it would just take work, allot of it, but it would be better to play it on a widget or web browser than having to go out and buy it, am I right? 


Also, I know that Xbox, wii, and Playstation3 all have internet connections to play online, so, putting it on a game console to play multi-player online would be possible, but what would the point be? We can do that now. 


I don’t think putting Mars Explorer on a game console would be a great idea, but that is only one mans opinion, I want to hear what y'all think, do you want to see Mars Explorer put on a game console or not? Ultimately, it’s Aubrey’s decision, but we live in America and have a right to free speech, so speak up, let us know what you think.

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I just think that it would be super magnifice
2 days - 2,703v
Posted 2009/01/21 - 22:39 GMT
I just think that it would be super magnificent to play Mars Explorer with the Wii remote
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Re: TheIdeaVolcano:Should MarsExplorer Be On AConsole?
1 day - 2,694v
Posted 2009/03/04 - 4:56 GMT
wii remote? no. i have a wii and it is not the best of consoles in my opinion. my PS3 on the other hand....

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