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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/16
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Need to chat? First of all go the the Chat page.

After that type "test" in the text box, and click return (enter).

When it asks for age and gender fill in however you like.

Then click return (enter) again.

Make your username the name you use on mars explorer.

After that try sending the message one last time (click enter (return))

by that point the text "test" should be in the upper box.




Want to enter more information? let your mouse hover over the smiley next to your name, then click "[edit info]"


From there you can do many things.


To view someone else's information let your mouse hover over their smiley.

If you click the chat button that appears when you hover your mouse over a smiley, you will initiate a private chat between you and the username who had the smiley your mouse hovered over.


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