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Recent updates:
  • Form validation
    • Start, and end inputs now only allow the input of a number between 0, and 24, eliminating a major bug that breaks the clock interface script if the wrong input is entered.
  • Specification Power
    • Users can now specify what days the event will happen on, so instead of it happening x time daily, it can be specified to happen at x time weekly, twice weekly, etcetera!
  • Clock Interface
    • Submissions are now shown above the clock - if the time is between the end time, and start time of the event, the event's name will be added to a list titled "Current Events (Events that are currently running):"
Please note that spam is not tolerated, and the spammer will be blocked - I may unblock the spammer in time, however most likely it will be permanent.
Future (may not be implemented, but hopefully will):
  • Version specification (if the user clicks on the event, they wil lbe taken to that version)
  • Instruction link specification (If the user specifies a URL, a link will be added next to the name of the event. If the user clicks on that link, it will take them to the link provided)
  • One time - date system (if the user specifies "one time" not "annual", then he/she can set a specific date (I.E  April 01) After that date is reached, the event will not happen again.
  • Descriptions (The user can specify a description, and the description is displayed in, or near the list (How the description is displayed is unknown as of yet))
  • Event Deletion (The user specifies a code, and is given a number when the event is submitted. If the user wants to delete an event, he/she  enters the number given, and the code he/she created)

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